About us

Whether you seek an information system, ERP, mobile application, CRM, geographical information solution or a fully custom idea, the team at Omnitron is ready to put its expertise at your disposal. Our goal is to allow your company to use the most efficient tools to support your growth and business development.


  • Omnitron Engineering and Innovation Ltd. was established in 2009 from a group of experienced coworkers and smaller businesses having been working together for more than a decade.
  • Our main mission is the design and implementation of client-oriented, high quality, timeproof custom solutions, or the participation in similar larger software development projects as a subcontractor.
  • We value good professional and personal relations, no matter the physical distance. Our working method enable us to work on different development sites and for clients all over the world.
  • A further important goal to us is to provide a comfortable and maintainable working environment, where our colleagues - and our partners - can find a friendly, informal and supportive atmosphere for creative work and discussion of their technical business.
  • Our quality assurance processes are governed by the ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certificates.

Our strengths

  • Our expert team is built from engineers and researchers having acquired several decades of experience in various branches of information technology. We do not only solve but indeed seek challenging engineering, mathematical or algorithmic problems.
  • We accumulated considerable experience in the domain of public transportation (passenger information systems), healthcare (country level gathering of data about doctor-patient interactions), telecommunication (development of background systems for mobile applications, analyzing user behavior with data mining methods), translation technology (CAT systems supporting translators and interpreters), energy industry (sources of renewable energy, wind farms), and higher degree technical education (university lectures, specific courses).
  • Omnitron uses modern computer-based project management systems and works with project managers having proven themselves in several past project.

Our development process

Professional attitude: we are attuned to the process of software development and the best practices of the industry. Our main objective is to find the most efficient way to dedicate our resources to the goals of our customers.
Team spirit: our colleagues form a supportive community where the experts of different areas work together, sharing goals and purposes, and have the possibility, and are even encouraged to address each other whenever they need.
We seek professional challenges. We know the standards and patterns of the classic information technology industry, but we do not hesitate to step off the well-trodden path, and we happily face task requiring complex mathematical, algorithmic or even academic background.
Application of agile methodology during the design and implementation process. Our systems are developed in an iterative fashion under the control and supervision of the customer: the initial core behavior is extended gradually with new functions preserving the results already achieved.
Minimal administration, cost efficiency. Being a company of a smaller size and working with smaller teams allows us to minimize administration overhead, and not only provides us a good working efficiency but also enables shorter deadlines.
Flexibility in contract conditions. We are paying attention to each of our customers individually. We can handle the changing needs, and we adapt the pace of development or the payment phases to the changing requirements.

Omnitron Engineering and Innovation Ltd.


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