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What We Offer

Custom Software Development

  • We offer comprehensive implementation of systems working in office, mobile or enterprise environments
  • We assist and move forward the whole process starting with analyzing unique requirements of our customers, followed with creating system specifications, to the delivery and maintenance of the implemented software
  • If required, we can provide extended support, maintenance and additional features for a product, in which domains we possess a large amount of accumulated experience

Supporting Startups

  • Creating prototypes
  • Designing and implementing complete product portfolios
  • Setting up operations
  • We have already proven ourselves! Our distinguished partner, memoQ Ltd., achieved a world-leading position with our help (product family memoQ)
  • Participation as investors

Outsourcing Various Duties

  • You have a large project to carry out, and you need more developers, an architect, or some support in the project management? Our experienced colleagues can become part of your team for a single project, or for extended periods of time.
  • Off-site outsourcing
  • Flexibility in development and management methodologies

IT Consulting

  • Designing an IT strategy
  • Project management
  • Designing and documentation of systems and architectures
  • Help in choosing the adequate technologies and platforms

Our Team

Agile methodology
Agile Methodology

Iterative development by taking the agile approach. A team adapting to the needs of our customers; continuous communication even on a daily level. Regular feedback: we keep our customers updated by providing live demos in short cycles demonstrating the current state of their projects.

Experienced colleagues
Qualified Colleagues

Multiple decades of experience accumulated in developer, architect and project management roles. Our team includes engineers, researchers, and mathematicians: we are not scared of tasks that require a solid scientific, statistical or data processing background. We seek for challenges, indeed!

Modern technologies
Modern Technologies

Web, mobile, desktop, cloud, multiplatform, SQL and NoSQL. Application of state-of-the-art programming languages, platforms, and frameworks. Devops approach, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD).

Distinguished Domains

Translation technology (CAT), ERP and other information systems, data processing, development of cloud-based services, industrial automation, renewable energy industry, optimization of maintenance, embedded systems.


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Featured Technologies

.Net Core
Asp.Net Core

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